Report by Mike Barwell, regarding our trip to Fort Dunadd, Kilmartin, Scotland. 2019.

Earlier this year members of Ridings Dowsers spent three days dowsing the Kilmartin Glen on the West coast of Scotland. There were many wonderful sacred sites but there was one which stood out with several of us, Fort Dunadd, a mystical energy centre where future Kings of Scotland were put through many tests to see

6th to 8th July 2018. Glastonbury Weekend.

When: Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July 2018.

Where: Glastonbury.


This event was an overall yes when voted for at our 2017 AGM.

A few years ago we visited the world famous location of Glastonbury and dowsed many of it’s sacred sites. Although not an exhaustive list we especially liked the famous Glastonbury Tor, the labyrinth in the

January 2016 – Adrian Incledon-Webber. Soul Rescue.

What a great afternoon we had!

Lots of people, enlightening discussions, how many spirits we encounter, and the list goes on!

Devils Arrows 2015

Site Visit October 2016

Location; The Devil’s Arrows. Boroughbridge. North Yorkshire.

Despite a full week of horrid weather, we were blessed with a warm and sunny event. All in good dowsing fashion of course!

The start of the day saw us meeting at Aldborough village hall for drinks etc followed by a PowerPoint presentation about the Devil’s Arrows

Wharram Percy 2012

Wharram Percy medieval deserted village.

We did some archaeology dowsing to establish one of the peasant dwellings after we had dowsed around the energies in and  around the church.

Great day with lots of sunshine.

5th May 2012 International Dowsing Day

0758; just a couple of minutes to go. A dark, grey cloud hovered menacingly; it started to rain. From the radio, I heard the introductory music, heralding the 8 o’clock news; paper in hand I stood in the open doorway, staring out into my garden, it was raining quite heavily. I started to pray.


English Heritage Sites Visited

Over the years we have dowsed at many English Heritage and other sites. Hear are a few:

Byland Abbey – Kirkham Priory – Lindisfarne Priory – Castle Bolton – Limetree Stone Circle –

Wharram Percy MDV – Mount Grace Priory – The Lord Stones – Glastonbury Abbey and Tor –

Nine Ladies Stone Circle – Old & New