Site Visit October 2016

Location; The Devil’s Arrows. Boroughbridge. North Yorkshire.

Despite a full week of horrid weather, we were blessed with a warm and sunny event. All in good dowsing fashion of course!

The start of the day saw us meeting at Aldborough village hall for drinks etc followed by a PowerPoint presentation about the Devil’s Arrows stones by Bill Holding.

During the presentation Bill gave some leading questions, we as dowsers could ask about when we started to dowse. Some of the points raised were; how many stones were there, their connection with the landform, the grooves running down the stones, was there energy based on Earth Energy, Planetary, Galactically or multi-dimensional, what connection was there with the Devil’s Arrows Ley’ which runs to Thornborough Henges. Also, what connection did the sacred geometry crop circle have with the location that was documented and photographed.
The objective for the morning session was to map dowse the area, including the DA Ley and then, in the afternoon, confirm our map dowsing findings on site.
After a two hour session in the village hall we moved to the DA site and started our own dowsing projects.

Once on site, it is very obvious that the three remaining stones we see today are not in an alignment, despite seeing many references saying they are.

Dowsers were following their chosen paths to locate what they had mapped-dowsed in the village hall. As an observer, Bill could quite easily see that the majority of people were locating ‘residual energy’ in locations where other stones had once been located. In fact, the dowsed consensus from the majority of the group was there were five to seven stones originally. This is backed up by a fisherman who visited the site in the 18th century saying he saw seven large stones on the site. Two dowsers did dowse that there had been many stones and the site was part of a large stone circle complex.

Like all these locations, sacred geometry does play a large part and this was certainly the case as explained by one of our dowsing members of Ridings Dowsers, Alison Bishop and her mother Gill Bishop.

“Once on site, our minds were attuned to the energies surrounding the area.” Vortexes’ played a big part with Alison and Gill. “The source of energy is SPIRAL, not travelling in straight lines. Some of the energy links the ‘heaven’ to the earth.” There were two spirals, one upward and one downward, connecting over the stones and Alison sees this meeting point (approximately one meter down from the top of the stone) as “a point where ‘heaven’ meets earth, where our world meets the nether worlds. Access to further realms is possible through Spiral action. The sun strikes the stone and acts as a conductor, spirals within spirals, openings to other worlds. Our priestly caste had the ability to utilise this energy and ‘travel’ along it. Thornborough is an area of focus for different energies, the ‘Trinity’ is formed, as above, so below.”

Towards the end of the day members had an exercise in seeing auras. In this case it was the aura of the centre stone, twenty two foot high. The group were encourage by Bill to focus their vision near the top of the stone, and no matter how tempted, were told not take your eyes off your selected point. Using peripheral vision many saw the stones auras, or so they told me!