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2020 International Dowsing Day will be held in the middle Henge at Thornborough Henge on Sunday 3rd May, starting at 10am. This coincides with Beltane festival period, which is held every year in the central Henge. We are expecting a good attendance at our stand by people who have/have not dowsed before. It is great fun!

Our objective, as a dowsing group, is to introduce people on site to the art of dowsing. Many people who are attending the festival are sensitive to the energies around them so we are expecting to see some good dowsing from some of them.

We do however require some volunteers to help out during the day to help with setting up the stand and teaching people how to dowse. I will be there at 8.30. Please let Bill Holding or Mike Barwell know if you can help.

Dependant on the weather, the ground conditions could be a little wet underfoot so wear suitable shoes. Please take something to eat, not sure if there are food stalls or not!

  • The Picture you see illustrated is where IDD started several years ago. The location; Byland Abbey, North Yorkshire.