Visit Details

Where: Kilmartin, on the mainland, West coast of Scotland. (Near the Island of Mull)       PA31 8RQ.

When: A three day dowsing event.

Dowsing starts on Friday morning, 12th July 2019 and finishes on Sunday 14th July 2019 around 1pm.


Kilmartin Glen is a significant Neolithic and Bronze Age ritual landscape The glen had its indigenous tribes in the area, evidenced by the unusual concentration of more than 150 prehistoric sites, all within a six mile radius of Kilmartin village. These sites include burial cairns, rock carvings, standing stones, stone circles, medieval castles, Knights Templar gravestones, early Christian churches and crosses and fortresses of early Scottish Kings

The trip will start with a visit into the Kilmartin museum, followed by a walk to the three cairns; Nether Largie North, Nether Largie Mid and Nether Largie South. Into Temple Wood Stone Circle, then visit the standing stones nearby. The standing stones at Ballymeanoch are excellent to dowse in their own right but the dragon energy ‘Bride’ comes into this complex making it even more interesting.

During our visit we will also be visiting the cup and ring stones in various locations. These are said to be the finest marks found in Europe and a real eye-opener —-

The list goes on. If you are going to attend please let me know and I will email you the three day agenda.