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Where: –

Saturday; Castlerig Stone Circle, Cumbria.

Sunday; Long Meg Stone Circle, Cumbria.

Times: Staring at 10am on Saturday and 9.30 am Sunday.

Cumbria has a wonderful selection of sacred sites ranging from crosses, cross roads, Dolmans, stone alignments, castles and lots more. A few years ago members of Ridings Dowsers spent the weekend at a place called ‘Castlerigg’ Stone Circle, maybe known to many of you! However, on the Saturday, all members present, we were on site dowsing the various energies that the site offered, then, down came the rain, which never stopped all day. However we had a great time chatting in the pub for the rest of the day. It is still often a topic of conversation by those that were there today.

So, we are going to give it another go!

If you wish to join us on this outing please let me know.