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In 2012, The British Society of Dowsers proposed that 5 May (birthday of the late dowser Hamish Miller) be declared ‘International Dowsing Day’ as an annual event celebrating the art of dowsing.

All BSD Affiliated Local Groups, International Dowsing Societies, as well as individual members, other interested folk, and dowsers everywhere are invited to consider what they can do in their local areas to spread the love of dowsing.

The idea was proposed by BSD member Mike Barwell at their 2011 conference, and was formally launched in 2012. The BSD Director at the time, John Moss spearheaded the global effort to engage not only local dowsing groups in the UK, but also the international dowsing societies and other interested parties such as Danu Fox’s Earthsingers group.

That year, the 5 May was a Saturday and coincided with World Labyrinth Day (always the first Saturday in May). As dowsing and labyrinths go hand in glove with each other, this happy conjunction was too good to pass up. Subsequent years have seen the event day move to the nearest weekend and even spread out a bit over a few days, but it always takes place during the first week in May and the basic intention to spread the word and celebrate dowsing all over the world remains strong.

Dowsing groups around the world marked the first year, with the New Zealand Society of Dowsing and Radionics starting the day with the following affirmation from Alison Ellet:

“I call on the divine powers of nature, our guides and angels, to bless all dowsers and provide all with the proper frequencies to remove unnatural impurities and energies, to balance the chakras, energy pattern and meridians of the globe. To draw us close to our highest potential as loving spiritual beings. Let every dowser bring illumination to every situation and person they connect with. In deep gratitude.”

Several BSD affiliated local groups were out in force, providing dowsing demonstrations at fairs and other public events, making and dowsing labyrinths, singing and dowsing the Michael and Mary currents at various points, and generally spreading the word about dowsing. Events also took place in Sydney, California, Ontario and elsewhere, thanks to the efforts of the national Australian, American, British and Canadian dowsing societies and enthusiastic dowsing groups. To close the day, the same NZ affirmation was read out at the Canadian Questers’ convention in British Columbia by then BSD President Grahame Gardner.

Anyone can join in – use this page to publicise your event, and get out there and dowse!